The purpose of the Hillsboro Hops Fund is to develop and establish a community benefits program, the purpose of which is to promote, foster and support education, health, culture and youth activities, including activities for underprivileged youth, in the Greater Hillsboro area.


The Hillsboro Hops plan to use the money raised in the Hillsboro Hops Fund to refurbish youth baseball fields in the Greater Hillsboro area over the coming years. The Hops are currently focused on fundraising for the first project that will refurbish a Hillsboro baseball field with synthetic turf allowing for year round use for the youth of Washington County. Please donate today and help the Hops see their vision become a reality!

If you would like more information on the fund or upcoming fundraising events, please contact the Hops

front office at (503) 640-0887

or visit their website.


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