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Baker Family/Baker Rock Resources – Supports charitable programs to advance education and social welfare, environmental research and protection, arts and humanities, and health and human services.

Baker Family / Baker Rock Resources

Bernie Kuehn Scholarship for Music Education – Supports Hillsboro High School Graduating Seniors with tuition for higher education in the field of music.

Bernie Kuehn Scholarship for Music Education

Hillsboro Community Relief Fund - Provides critical real-time infusions of money necessary to address urgent and pressing welfare needs caused by community crisis.  Currently HCF is raising funds to assist our neighbors who have been displaced by the New Year’s Day Fires in downtown Hillsboro, while also continuing to support ongoing Pandemic Relief.

Hillsboro Community Fire Relief

Hillsboro Community Pandemic Relief

Cornerstone – Supports the work of the Hillsboro Community Foundation to enhance the quality of life in Hillsboro. Donations of any size are welcome and will help shape the future of our community.

Cornerstone Fund

Gordon Faber Scholarship for Health Education – Supports Hillsboro high school graduating seniors pursuing higher education in the field of health education.

Gordon Faber Scholarship for Health Education

Grant T. Johnson Memorial Grants Program – Supports arts and culture organizations to memorialize Grant T. Johnson’s service and contributions to enhancing the quality of life in Hillsboro through community building and passionate promotion and support of arts and culture.

Grant T. Johnson Memorial Grants Program

Living Legacy Endowment – Supports the Hillsboro Community Senior Center’s life enrichment programs that promote community involvement, peer to peer and intergenerational connections, and lifelong learning for Hillsboro's older adults.

Living Legacy Endowment

Harris Family Fund for McKinney Elementary School -

Supports programs, projects or specific equipment / supplies at McKinney Elementary School in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Donations may be made to:

Hillsboro Community Foundation, PO Box 808, Hillsboro OR 97123.

Contact Deanna Palm at 503.473.4486 for more information.

Hillsboro Arts and Culture Endowment – Supports local arts and culture organizations.

Hillsboro Arts and Culture Endowment

Hillsboro Plays Together - The campaign for our first fully inclusive playground. Fully fenced, and part of an 11-acre park situated next to the Hidden Creek Community Center, the inclusive design allows for creative play experiences that meet a variety of physical, cognitive, and sensory needs in our most centrally located park.

Hillsboro Plays Together Fund

Hillsboro Community Enhancement – Supports projects that improve and beautify our parks, trails and open spaces, and expand and improve afterschool and recreational programs in order to make Hillsboro a more vibrant place to live, work & play.

Hillsboro Community Enhancement

Hillsboro Hops – Supports youth focused community programs including sports, education and culture.

Hillsboro Hops Fund

Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals Endowment – Supports the Museum’s earth sciences education and outreach programs to show the connections between geology, mineralogy, and technology. Contributions of any amount benefit our ability to reach underserved populations in the Portland Metro area.

Rice Museum of Rocks

and Minerals Endowment

Shirley Huffman

Legacy fund

The Rosebay Fund – Supports efforts to enhance the natural environment and animal welfare in the greater Hillsboro area.

The Rosebay Fund


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