Our Board of Directors

HCF is governed by a board of directors who are personally committed to enhancing the community, and have given their time and resources to strengthen the place where we live and work.

Former Board Members

Gary Baker

William Baldwin

Lloyd Baron

Randy Bateman

John Coulter

Jim Darr

Gary Deveraux

Mike Egans

Tim Erwert

Robert Evans

Jim Harp

Bob Herb

Shirley Huffman

Shannon Inukai

Doug Johnson

Grant Johnson

Jeff LaGood

Ken Leahy

Jack McGowan

Al Miller

David W. Morgan

Michael A. Nelson

Charlie Noble

Charlie Pitts

Jack Rosenberg

Sheldon Scarrott

Arden Sheets

Nikki Squire

Don Suhrbier

Bob Terry

Dave Thayer

Marilyn Turnbull

Glenn Walters

Giving is not just

about making a donation.

It is about making a


Advisors to the Board

Howard M. Hughes

Andrew M Rich

Jerry W. Willey

Ralph Helzerman (not pictured)


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