A Playground for Everyone Fund

A Playground for Everyone

All ages. All abilities. All Welcome.


We’re building the first inclusive playground in Hillsboro! Our innovative design will create a kind and inclusive space for all generations to share adventures together in one  of our most centrally located community parks.


Fully fenced, and part of an 11-acre park situated next to the Hidden Creek Community Center, the inclusive design allows for creative play experiences that meet a variety of needs and interests regardless of cognitive, emotional, sensory, or physical ability.


Sustainability runs through all areas of the park’s development: it utilizes an existing stand of trees and incorporates green stormwater infrastructure and low impact development.


The playground was designed with significant community input and is a top priority for the city. Donations made to the Hillsboro Community Enhancement Fund will be applied to the playground project unless donors request otherwise.


By working together to build this inclusive playground, we also build on our community’s commitment to make Hillsboro a welcoming place for everyone.



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